They say big things come in small packages and this is epitomized in the talent and ambition found in Keisha Mitchell (a.k.a the MFN Editor), founder of UpWord Ink Publishing Company and Creator/ Editor-In-Chief of three

of the city's’ most unique and culturally progressive publications; The Editor (a printed periodical and web series), Black Book

(a quarterly reference directory), & SAPIO Magazine (a bimonthly lifestyle journal). Having been a resident of Atlanta for over a decade as well as a member of various creative factions throughout her stay, Keisha Mitchell has been an observer and humble cataloger of the numerous movements and major players who’ve come, gone & remained relevant.

  Her unapologetic intellect, sensuality, and commitment to honesty and integrity make her a welcomed and respected contributor to the creative community, with  her publications and partnerships speaking to the core of what’s current and crucial to members of the African Diaspora.
  A life long relationship with art, history, philanthropy, and creative culture have guided Keisha to become The MFN Editor; a leading taste maker and cultural commentator of the media, fashion & news worlds of Atlanta and beyond. It is

Keishas’ mission to create a platform of self sustainability and culture of community and support for other literary and media creatives through UpWord Ink Publishing Company and affiliate outlets. 

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